Farewell, sinking ship.

We were riding on the waves

And I thought you my other half.

As you say, “no,

That wasn’t an epic bond,

You had me in tears

Seeing was facing my fears

So how could you?

How could you?”

I put my head in the water,

A dozen times in fact,

And it doesn’t get warmer,

Just bubbling final breaths.

So this is it.

Your wings turn away.

And I won’t see you again.

No, I won’t see you again.

My memories,

Of summer and spring alike,

They are of those seasons to you too,

But scalding heat instead of life.

So what else to do?

I projected myself unto you

And now I grieve alone.

But you live.

But you thrive.

And that’s all that matters.

Goodbye, and thanks for letting me know,

That you exist.

Meeting you was enough.


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