Two Prides

Carlos Albuquerque
1 min readJun 4, 2024


“So, you’re Indian too?” Cynthia asked

William sighed. He had gotten together with the two fox dames at the suggestion of his husbands. He had jabbed the typical “Oh, so you think all we Natives know each other”, to which they weaponised to make him have this conversation.

Bastards. Pity they’re so cute.

“Yeah, Mamaceqtaw on my mother’s part.”

“Cool” Jenna added, “We’re both Meseta, in case they didn’t tell you.”

“I grew up on the Rez” Cynthia sighed, “Every awful thing you hear about there is true.”

“Try growing up on Echo” Jenna said, “Arguably even worst.”

“I grew up in the city” William said, pouring a whiskey for himself, “My father disapproved of my mother’s legacy so I was never much in contact with my heritage. Which fucking sucks.”

Cynthia laid a hand on William’s shoulder in sympathy.

“We’re all recovering” Cynthia said, “Even in the Rez we’re all trying to rebuilt what was lost.”

“I for one am I recovered as much as I did” the coyote said, “My mother and my husbands were of great help.”

He stood up.

“I’m proud of being gay, I’m proud of being Mamaceqtaw. I have two prides in my life.”

“That can apply to your husbands, too.” Jenna said.

“Yeah, yeah it can.”

The three of them just shot random shit for the rest of the afternoon, and left like their inner puzzles were completed.