The Marvels review

Carlos Albuquerque
1 min readNov 12, 2023

Captain/Ms Marvel and the various people that donned those titles are among my favourite Marvel heroes, so a legacy flick focusing on these underrated gals was a treat to see.

Carol Danvers in particular gets the lion share of character development. A criticism of her debut movie is that she comes across as a Mary Sue. Not here! Her actions have consequences that torment her and actuall give sympathy to the villainous Kree Empire. Her relationship with Monica is strained, and it’s something she needs to fix herself.

Kamala Khan is adorable as always. My only critique is that she has a moment of a broken pedestal seeing Carol take more pragmatic means, but this is not developed upon.

Monica Rambeau is the least developed of the three, but that’s alright. She is a badass in her fight scenes and ultimately pivottal to an important scene I will not spoil.

Overall, three photokinetic musketeers saving the universe is a must watch