Survivor’s Podcast

Carlos Albuquerque
2 min readApr 27


Again, spoilers for the last build of Arches

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“Sup bitches, I’m Sydney.”



“And we’re here with more Echo survivors, Devon Ortega and Cameron Wilson.”

“Thanks for havin’ us.”

“Still very painful after all we’ve been through, but I think it’s time to get the girevances out.”

“Know always that you’re very brave. We all grew up in that shithole and it fucked us, but from what you’ve told us I can’t imagine how you feel.”

“Eh, at least I got to try every anti-depressant and anti-psychotic there is.”

“So, we hear you had a run in with Brian.”

“That’s what fucked me up, yes.”

“Piece of shit also caught me and Carl. Vile bastard, hope he rots in hell.”

“Well, I’m going to get my shit take out of the way: I think he could have been a good person, had circumstances had been better.”

“I disagree. I’m a former addict myself and I love my bros.”

“Even after I kicked your ass?”

“Even after you kicked my ass.”

“Anyways, and I remember out chat before the incident, you guys were there to search for some way to contact Lupita, a cousin of yours Devon?


“Was it worth it.”

“No, and after Cameron began to have paranoid episodes I decided to let that rest.”

“It’s for the best. Whatever is in Echo are not real ghosts, just copies or some shit.”

“Cameron named them Echoes, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, I’m at my most creative when doused in anti-depressants.”


“Yeah. It’s a painful lesson, but one we all had to go through.”

“Say, Cameron, I know that you probably get that a lot, but you claim to have psychic powers?”

“That I do. I think it’s Echo’s fault really, but I can sense people empathetically, as well as spiritual places.”

“None of us have anything of the sort, but given all the ancient evil shit there we’re not skeptics.”


“Though you mention spiritual places. Do you mean churches and the like?”

“Yeah, I actually went passed by a Mormon Temple yesterday and could feel it.”

“Damn, TJ would be proud if I reconverted.”

“Three married couples. You guys make me feel bad.”

“I’m sure Flynn will agree to it eventually. I know he’d like to settle down. Best friend, remember?”

“Anyways, back on topic, back in that chat you said you had an interest in music?”

“Key word had. All th medication gave me anhedonia, so I laid down my intruments for good.”

“Damn, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay, I got rejected by a reccord label so I knew I would never make it as a musician. Plus, beng a house husband has its perks.”

“I can provide for us both now.”

“Chief engineer, right?”


“Damn, it kinda sucks Echo destroyed your passion, Cam. As someone who’s husband lost interest in sports after that, well, it’s not the same thing but I can relate.”

“It’s okay, Chase. Really, I’m fine.”

“Well, let’s wrap things up before our next segment. See you both on Tuesday?”

“Yeah, we’ll be there.”