Second Polar Night fanfic

Carlos Albuquerque
3 min readJun 25, 2022


More at this point extremely speculative fluff that will not get dated at all.

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Garret stood on the deck, smoking.

In the polar night, there was pretty much nothing to see. Occasionally a distant aurora rimmed the horizon, and it only last for a few moments. He cursed himself for not thinking of burrowing Stefan’s camera, maybe then-


Garret nearly jumped as Stefan laughed behind him.

“Jesus fucking Christ, do do that!”

“It’s payback for you sneaking on me.”

He leaned on the railing alongside the wolf, who was now calming down. He blew a raspberry.

“Still nothing” the opossum pouted.

“Actually saw an aurora a while go. Should’ve asked for your camera, then you get he memoir you so crave.”

“D’aw” Stefan smiled, and fished ut his camera.

He placed it on Garret’s mittened paw, gently making his fingers clasp it.

“Guard it with your life, my soul is in it” he teased.

Garret snorted.

“I doubt your even have a soul, you dubber twink.”

Stefan put his finger on his chin, mocking pensiveness.

“Now that you mentioned it I did trade it with the devil when I gave him a latte. That’s how I got the funds for the Sylvia despiste being a barista.”

“Then you fucked him, didn’t you?”

At this point both of them bit their lips, Garret’s tail wagging and Stefan smirking.

“Oh yes, he was quite packin’. Jealous much?”

“Obviously, I thought I popped a virgin.”

At this point the horniness evaporated and Stefan tried to look as offended as humanly possibly, before cackling. His laughter was pretty infectious, and Garret soon joined, touching Stefan’s shoulder for support.

“Aye, but seriously though, was I your first?” Garret asked.

“Nah, but you might as well had been” Stefan said, “Was there a girl in high school. Touched my peepee, I didn’t really feel like it so we called it off.”

“Ah, so you have experience with women.”

“If by ‘experience’ you mean me roping a friend to figure out I was gay or not. Ironically I think I’m pretty much bi, guess I just didn’t feel that way for her.”

“Guess the world missed out on having little Stefans conquer the world uh?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll still get those from you.”

Stefan’s demeanour soured a bit for a moment much to Garret’s confusion, before resuming his playfulness.

“Then there was all the people that hit on me as a barista.”

“Jesus fuck you slut!” Garret said, slapping Stefan’s ass.

“Rude. And I’ll have you know I didn’t sleep with any of them. I had to keep myself pure for you, you know. The person I didn’t even knew about at the time.”

“Good” Garret said, pecking Stefan’s cheek.

“Which a shame though, there was this real bold old guy who actually got to grope me. I didn’t file for harassment because he was that hot, but I had bigger priorities in mind so I turned him down.”

“God, I wish that were me.”

“What, the old man who got blueballs?”

“You know what I mean, slut.”

“Well, you’re groping me right now but okay. Anyways, how’s your sex life?”

“Eh, you know, got to fool around with a couple of guys. Mom was pretty pissed, so no actual relationships, just secret hookups.”

“And you call me a slut.”

“And then, well, this happened and I became spoiled goods, so I haven’t tried anything ever since.”

Stefan’s smile faded, and he touched Garret’s cheek gently.

“Fuck, Garret, you are a catch. Scotland must be truly fucked up if Philipp Tanzer gets some and you don’t.”

Garret snorted, and nuzzled into the touch, his paw rubbing gently against Stefan’s.

“I’d trade a thousand hookups for you, every single time.”

The two kissed, a gently brush of lips, before embracing. Two hearts one, despiste the layers of clothes, fur, skin, bone and fascia. Garret was dimly aware of Joseph watching apathetically, smoking his own cigarette. At first he was concerned about these displays of affection, since he was stuck for weeks in a ship with Russians and a hick, but he didn’t care. He was frankly touch starved, and Stefan proved to be the closest thing to a soul mate if such a thing ever existed.

A gentle stroke of the opossum’s face, a kiss, and the two made their way back inside.