Scavengers & Scavengers Reign review

Carlos Albuquerque
1 min readNov 10, 2023

Scavengers focuses on two stranded scientists on the planet Vesta Minor, exploiting its indigenous life for a variety of ends.

Biologically, the alien life doesn’t make a lot of sense, being more like organic appliances. So if you’re aiming for speculative evolution, don’t bother. But if you’re down for this amazing 2D animation and surreal spectacle, this is more than enough for you. It’s honestly like watching people fixing a puzzle.

The story stars what are clearly predecessors for Scavengers Reign’s Sam and Ursula. Due to the short being silent they have comparatively little personality, but the reveal at the end makes their actions understandable.

Overall a feast for the eyes.


Taking inspiration from the short Scavengers, Scavengers Reign features a more expansive cast stranded on the planet Vesta. Like it’s predecessor it is a treat for the eyes, having stellar 2D animation.

Also like it’s predecessor it makes no sense biologically, so again not for hard speculative biology fans. And while the creatures are still treated as appliances, there’s a lot less of that, focusing instead on the human element of the story. Where Scavengers only had two silent characters, Scavengers Reign features three survivor groups plus additional later arrivals, each with a complicated history about their interpersonal relationships and how they arrived to the planet.

Less of a “solving puzzle” watch than it’s inspiration, but this is a whole different beast anyways.