Repeat Sissel’s Route Review

Carlos Albuquerque
1 min readMay 9, 2024

Repeat has been in the works for almost ten years now (2015). I only experienced it recently, around 2022, but this vn has a way of making you feel old, in a good way.

Sissel’s route was the first to be completed, after such a long time. As a visual novel writer myself I get the feeling of wanting to focus on a particular route, and given how long it took it paid off. So for now this is the sole Repeat canon; can’t wait what else will be added to it.

Emotionally it was a complete roller coaster. Shirokoi really knows how to write romance well, and Sissel’s rise from orphan to esteemed chef was nuanced and filled with love. If there is one complain I have, is that the antagonists are too cartoony. I get the vibe, but this clashes against the more serious themes of class struggle, recursion and depression.

I also felt that Echo’s resolution was nowhere to be seen. Rest assured, he shows up in the alternative ending, but for the main ending he’s just gone.

Overall a strong story, barring the aforementioned hiccups