Pride Capes

Carlos Albuquerque
2 min readJun 16, 2024


First A Masquerade In the Woods fanfic yo!

Work Text:

As he woke up, Cody disantangled himself from Lucas’ embrace, to see where Mason went. He found him by the cupboard, putting on a trans flag.

“Oh, so you celebrate pride here” Cody said, yawning.

“Uh duh, why wouldn’t we. I got you two capes, by the way.”

“Cool” Lucas said, slowly stretching himself, “are we going to the parade?”

“Yes” Mason said, joining them in bed to kiss him in the cheek.

“I haven’t been to a pride parade in a while” Cody said.

‘A pride parade? What you take me for you pathetic shit’ Eric’s words rang in Cody’s head, and the two of them never went to one.

“Then you definitely need to go to this one” Mason cut, and cuddled him close.

Cody reciprocated the cuddle with a kiss in the lips, and felt more confident than ever.


It was bigger than Cody expected, and in excitement he touched his cape, keeping it close to his body.

“Now River and Shep might be here any moment” Mason said excitedly.

“You really want to give them those capes?” Lucas said, posing his like he was a dastardly supervillain.

A phone ring, and Mason looked across the street, seeing River waving at them. The three of them clossed it, trying to not get their capes stuck in passerbys. Mason wasted no time taking opening his pack, taking out their capes.

“Here you go” he handled River a pan flag cape and Shep a bi pride flag.

Both of them sighed, but wore the capes proudly.

“See, I knew you’d like that” Mason said.

“If we must” Shep grumbled, but he couldn’t help but smile.

The three of them posed for a photo, and never felt stronger.