Prehistoric Planet 2 ranking

Carlos Albuquerque
2 min readJun 2


Finally caught up with season 2 and after my previous ranking it’s only fair I give my thoughts.


Overally a good episode, that even introduces us to the one named mammal (well, synapsid) of the series, Adalatherium. This is the contentious part sadly as it is portrayed as a dinosaur-like nest builder, when modern egg-laying mammals, the monotremes, usually keep their eggs tight to their body, either with a pouch (echidnas) or tail (platypus). It also showcases Hatzegopteryx both as a predator and engaging in pterosaur courtship behaviours, distinct from those of Barbaridactylus from season one.



This is basically Desert 2.0, with the exception of portraying Isisaurus though the volcanic wastelands of the Deccan Traps, which is pretty cool. Like last time, needs mesungulatids.



Freshwater 2.0, albeit with a few actual freshwater animals like Shamosuchus. It even is a pseudo-sequel of Freshwater as it features azhdarchids being born on a swampy island, though these aren’t the Quetzalcoatlus from that episode, as well as Tyrannosaurus yet again. It also features the malagasy animals from that episode again, though at least Beezebufo is not portrayed as a predator so it feels slightly less repetitive.

5/10, would still preffer champsosaurs.


Coastlines 2.0 essentially, and the depiction of Hesperornis as loon-like with grebe feet is a bit questionable (more recent studies favor comparisons with sea ducks and cormorants), but the emphasis on ammonites is beyond beautiful and a good display of underrated prehistoric animals.


North America

The odd one of the Barney bunch, focusing on various biomes of North America. Overall entertaining, but again with lots of missed opportunities on the choristodere and mammal departments. Still, the Quetzalcoatlus thrashing the T.rex. was amusing


Overall Thoughts

I think this season suffers from way too much repetitiveness from the first, with only a few new animals being introduced. Still, those that are make are a very welcome addition