New Enantiornithes Cladogram (oh, and Ornithuromorpha as well)

From the Hesperornithoides paper’s supplementary we get this:

Enantiornithes cladogram. Credit goes to Mickey Mortimer.

Ornithuromorpha cladogram. Credit goes to Mickey Mortimer.

Per the study, the phylogenetic analyses presented are not meant to be objective fact, the authors repeatedly pointing out the required steps to change positions, often into more “organic” alignments. But if taken at face value, this is pretty shocking.

Some results do feel organic enough, like Lectavis, Hollanda and Qiliania forming a clade of long legged enantiornitheans while Hesperornithes are now part of Ichthyornithes, uniting the two major lineages of Cretaceous seabirds into a single monophyletic group.

Hopefully this gets further investigated.