Basically the cast of Echo can use the colours of mana. Mostly to show why my conclusions on their alignments make sense. Take it as you will.


Chase found himself.

All the insecurity, all the self-hatred, of not being good enough, of not being as unique as his friends.

Fuck that.

He knew who he was, and he was ready to show exactly what that entailed.

At the shores of the evil Lake Emma, he extended his hand. He called fourth parts of himself that existed on the land: his curiosity, his need for perfection, and his ambition to do better in life. He felt currents flow through him, raw magic of the islands and swamps, making him more confident and more determined.

He was ready to take his fate by the balls.

Sam laughed, but the ghost was now Chase’s tool. He summoned it out of his body, stealing the entity’s control and taking him as his own weapon.

“Interesting” Chase said, “You said you were a simulation, yes?”

“Yes” Sam said bluntly.

“An enchantment” Chase nodded, “I wonder if what’s behind all this is an enchantment as well.”

“Go the mines” Sam said, “If you win or if you die, I simply do not care.”


At the entrance of the cave, TJ prayed. It wasn’t a prayer like any other, however, it was more like a spell that the Psalms were meant to be. Powered by the abundant plains and deserts of Echo, he shone with a pure light, and he tried to heal.

Heal his friends, heal the land.

To do so, he ventured into the mines, surrounded by a purifying light. Shadows moved, and TJ relctantly sent bolts of light after them, burning them to a crisp. But the deeper he got, the darkness was replaced by a more fiery radiance.

“L-leo?” TJ asked, stunned, “What are you doing here?”

Leo was glowing with a light much like his own, but far more fitting for the mountains he was drawing mana from, though he too glimmer with plains mana.

“TJ, go to the motel” Leo barked, “We need to stick together!”

“Leo, what are you even talking about?” TJ asked, “We’re all preparing to take down this evil! Together!”

“Including Chase?” Leo asked, calmly?


“STAY AWAY FROM MY CHULA!” Leo said, firing a white flare at TJ.

TJ raised a shield, both of light and bark for god measures, and retreated, Leo too far gone to be reasoned with.


Flynn worked hard for what he wanted. Was level headed, responsible and capable of biting his lips, holding grudges that could last a life time. Not so much Sydney, who just wanted to have fun, be a wrestler, eat spicy food, solve puzzles, listen to “butt rock” music. Both were ultimately hedonists, but they did love their friends deeply, each other especially as they were best friends.

But Sydney also fell in love with TJ, and right now he implored Flynn to help find him. Flynn, ever annoyed that Syd was almost slavishly devoted to another person, mused on his own hypocrisy, as he’d do the same for Carl.

Speaking of Carl, all where in his mansion, on the couch, drinking beards and watching shitty porn. Carl was chill, just going with the flow, with harmony, and that sad harmony told him something was fucked up.

“We need to help them” he said, smoking some weed, “Dunno why but I just feel it in my gut.”

“Alright, Jesus Fuckin’ Christ” Flynn mumbled.

Then went down to the crawlspace. Enough mana normally found on the swamps and mountains suffused it due to all the pain and suffering that took place in the mansion. All of them channelled it for more benevolent purposes: Flynn thought of a few killing spells, and necromancy in case any of his friends died, Sydney empowered himself, making his blood boil and his body covered in shadows. and Carl used the mountain mana for inspiration, artistic or otherwise. Oh, and also to summon some of his favourite artifacts.

The ghosts of James Hendricks and John Begay roared at them, but they were easy pickings, the former’s power craving making it easy for Flynn to control him while the latter’s fury made it easy for Carl to hold on to. Sydney would make use of both of them handsomely.

They left the mansion in stride, aiming for the mines. Flynn raised an army of the dead by sacrificing James’ ghost simulation thing and drawing its power in addition to the mana of the crawlspace. Carl, now outside and able to use forest mana from his garden, empowered his muscles, combining them nicely with the equipment his mountain mana summoned. Sydney summoned an army of pirates and ninjas of course.


TJ kept protecting himself with his enchantments, and even summoned the land to stall Leo, but he was having none of it. He now had his favourite equipment — a holy gun — and was shooting fireballs and lasers at TJ! Behind him, a shadowy figured cockled.

“The light is so easy to manipulate” it said, “But the shadow will remain cast. Die, as you should have died in the lake!”

Leo broke through TJ’s defenses, but just as he was going to fire a beam of light Chase counterspelled that.

“CHULA!” said Leo happily, “Come join me, I can keep you safe!”

Just then Flynn’s undead army, Sydney’s pirate and ninja army and a fully empowered Carl broke the entrance of the mine.

“Baby, are you okay!?” Sydney said, rushing to TJ’s side.

“Yeah, I’m fine” TJ smiled, kissing his boyfriend.

“What is the meaning of this!?” said Jenna, now walking into the cave and using mind magic to freeze them all in place.

Chase, however, threw his own, making her discard some of her thoughts.

“I don’t have time for this!” he said, walking past all of them into the center of the mines.

“Are you fucking crazy!” Carl yelled.

“Language” TJ said.

“Chula, you know I can’t let you do that-”

One moment latter Leo was on the ground, his thoughts milling and his legs trapped by ice.

“Chase wait!” TJ pleaded, but Chase disappeared into the shadows.


Chase reached the heart of the minds. Here, the entity tried to make him crazy, but he was the master of his own mind. He assaulted its mind, destroying parts of it and consuming the entity’s power into himself.

“This is for all the times you hurt my friends, and for all the times you made me hate MYSELF!” Chase said, taking more of the dark being’s power for himself.

But then the socketman showed up. Chase tried to counter it, but it couldn’t be countered! It slashed at his chest, fiery hot, and Chase fell down.

Luckily, TJ, Jenna and Leo fired holy light at it, burning it instantly and releasing it from its suffering. The three of them then walked up the Chase, and with three people drawing in mana from the plains he was instantly healed.

“Lets just kill this douchebag, alright?” Flynn said, seemingly half-bored but sick to death of this monster and all the problems it caused them.

The others nodded and began their final assault. TJ summoned the lands from all over Echo to kick the mines’ ass, Jenna exiled parts of it into the aether, Chase cast a drowning spell, Sydney sent pirates and ninjas on fire, Carl grew twice larger and sent golems and vines to break the quartz crystals, Flynn sacrified fish to gain more life and Leo dealt the killing blow, purging the whole cave with cleansing light. Shadows and quartz alike no longer existed.

“It’s over, it’s finally over” Chase said.

The gang all hugged each other, free from Echo’s evil at last.