Megamind vs. The Doom Syndicate/ Megamind Rules reviews

Carlos Albuquerque
1 min readMar 2, 2024

Megamind was a suberb masterpiece of wit and good characterisation. This sequel has none of that, instead resorting to highly juvenile jokes, a frankly forced arc of Megamind not regarding Minion (oh, sorry, Ol’Chum) as his sidekick, and a slew of new characters that don’t make sense canonically. Hey, remember when Megamind was the head of a supervillain syndicate in the original movie? Sure would have saved him the trouble of creating Tighten!

The only saving grace is Nighty-Knight. You have this ridiculously idiotic edgelord with shadow powers and the movie is well aware of that. Kinda of funny since this came right after Orion and the Dark, where darkness was portrayed more positively.

A pointed must NOT watch.


Continuing where Megamind vs The Doom Syndicate left off, this series has much the same problems as that sequel. Being largely episodic, it does nonetheless follow a plot thread debuting in that movie, that still runs counter to the original movie’s plot.

Some of the jokes admitely hit better, but for the most part the humor is still the same, largely juvenile and devoid of the wit of the original. The sole redeeming character, Nighty-Knight, has less secreentime and edgy quips, so that sucks. And there is a strange lack of romance between Megamind and Roxanne, despiste even being addressed in one episode.

Again, a must NOT watch.