Happy Earth Day

Carlos Albuquerque
2 min readApr 22, 2024

Cameron and Devon decide to celebrate Earth Day

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“Good morning love” Devon yawned.

“Do you know what day it is?” Cameron asked.

“Uh, does it matter?”

“It’s Earth Day.”


“You know, the day to celebrate mother nature and environmentalism and stuff.”

“Why the interest all of the sudden?”

“To make me feel less like a piece of shit.”

“Cam, we talked about this.”

“I know, but just give me this, please.”

Devon sighed, and nuzzled against Cameron.


Later that day, the two of them walked their way to the city park, where new trees were being planted. Cameron could feel the ripples of energy in the air, the coming of new life and the healing of the world. If Echo had one silver lining, is that it made him more spiritually aware, and days like this one more enjoyable.

“Hello, we’d like to plant some sapplings as well” Devon said.

“Sure thing!” an egret said, “There’s two spots right over there.”

“Thanks!” Cameron mustered.

The two of them picked sapplings in vases along with a toolkit, and made their way to the designated spots.

“Okay, so here it says to dig carefullt to loose the roots” Devon said.

“That should be easy.”

30 minutes of delicate work proved him otherwise.

“F, all done!” Cameron said, proudly patting the soil around the sappling, now a mixture of what was in the vase and the wider earth.

“You have a knack for this!” Devon said, panting.

“And seeing as I still have tics, you should be very impressed.”

“Oh, I am.”

The two shared a kiss, much to the disapproval of a few bystanders. They promptly gave them the finger.

“So, anything else to celebrate this day?” Devon asked.


They decided to spend the remainder of the day just strolling around the park. Cameron bought a few pins, but that was the extent of extra activities.

It was just them, and nature.