Emotional Cuddling 3

Turns out Leo did arrive, and Chase and him got awkward but a few pointers from TJ and Sydney allowed them to remain good friends.

Jeremy and Clint also came in, trying their earnest to reform from the drugs. TJ’s love and Sydney’s tough love allowed them to start the process of healing while retaining their charming assholeness.

“So, if you’re doing a podcast count me in” Jeremy said, “I’m kind of in a weird place about my Meseta indentity. Jenna hates it, Keith loved it, I sort of like it?”

“Wow for religious minority pride!” Sydney said semi-sarcastically, more at his mormonism but still proud of Jeremy.

“Yeah, count me out” Clint yawned, “There’s being sorry I was an asshole and there’s podcast material. Not interested.”

“Boo!” Carl said, before Flynn slapped the back of his head. Because of the horns lizard blood run down Carl’s scalp.



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