Echo Fanfic: Christmas Megaparty

To TJ, Christmas ws as natural as the snow capped mountains of his home, and the act of prayer itself. He had long celebrated with cozily with his parents in Echo and in Wasatchua, with uncles and aunts of all kinds. Sometimes, he’d invite his friends over, but more often than not they had their own parties going, even as maturity weaned them from their parents.

Not today, though.

Sure, he and his parents were in the same house, as was his beloved Sydney. But the latter insisted in involving the rest of their friends and acquaintances somehow. Some were pretty easy: Jenna and her now reformed brother had nothing to do with whatever remained of their family, as did Micha, Clint and Heather. Sure, inviting the Tetanus gang was a bit awkward, but his parents and Heather did the heavy lifting in instilling a sense of charm and comfort. If there was one quality Heather always had in her life, was her way with people.

Carl and Flynn were also ready to come in. Flynn was taciturn, but even he cracked a smile at how kind the Hesses were. Carl was surprisingly well-behaved, though TJ still watched over at him.

For the rest, chats had to do, but they were dilligent to be there for all the major events.

“So, I think we can all agree stop motion is better than anime” Sydney said, eyeing Jenna mischivieously.

“Oh definitely” Carl joined in.

Jenna rolled her eyes. Micha sat awkwardly on the couch, half annoyed at the Hesses’ attention and half endeared to them.

“You people seriously still like cartoons?” Flynn said, chugging some eggnog.

“Oh come on, half of your friends like animation, stop being a cunt” Chase said, earning a stare from his mother, to which he silently apologised.

“Goes to show how shit taste in company.”

“Even me?” Sydney eyed him puppily.

“Yes, sh- poopbird.”

He audibly grunted, and that only made TJ laugh harder.

“You’re a sadist, Tobias” Jeremy chimmed in, having just helped Mr Hess with some decorations.

“You don’t know the half of it” Sydney said, kissing TJ in the cheek, “He is basically a living autocorrect.”

“Oh come on, I do let you swear often” TJ said in mock irritation.

“I dunno, I think you’re WAY too passive on these folks” Heather chimed in, “You should hang over Clint, like a helicopter.”

Clint snorted. Like Micha he wasn’t used to the coziness, and still had a few temper issues to work through, but he had been pretty happy most of the night.

“Anyways, how are you guys holding up?” Leo asked, uncharacteristically concerned for the Tetanus Gang.

“Fine, I guess” Clint answerred.

An awkward pause, then the Hesses called in for dinner.

The chat resumed an hour later, before one by one the chats closed. Jenna departed for the guest room, followed by Heather a bit later. Clint, Micha, Jeremy and Carl basically camped on the living room. It was just Sydney, Flynn and TJ left, and the latter two were getting sleepy.

“Well, I’m heading off to bed” Sydney said.

He kissed TJ on the lips.

“Merry Christmas, babe.”

“Merry Christmas, my love.”

After he left it Flynn laid down next to Carl, though he remained watchful.

“Still boggles my mind how they got to not be shitstains” he muttered.

“Therapy, Flynn” TJ said, surveying the room like a guardian angel, “They tried their best, and I’m proud of them for that.”

This seems to have put Flynn in a sleepy mood, scoffing at the cheesiness while he cuddle next to Carl.

TJ took one last look, before joining Sydney.

“Merry Christmas.”


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