Corporate Pride

Carlos Albuquerque
1 min readJun 11, 2024


“Really?” Zander asked.

“Yeah, really” Redline responded, pecking his cheek.

“You know what they say about corporations on pride month.”

“Come on, it’s part of my initiative!”

“To look like a sell-out?”

“Noooo, to make FANG less toxic!”

“Have you run this by Bruce?”

“What needs to be run down by Bruce?” Bruce asked, entering the room.

“Red want FANG to celebrate pride month” Zander said.

Bruce exchanged a look with Zander, and turned to Redline.

“Sell out.”

“No, not you too!?”

“Okay okay” Bruce said, and laid down my the bean bags, kissing Redline.


“Overall not bad” Redline said.

“Only half of the fighters pissed off and the fanbase calling us ‘woke’” Zander sighed sarcastically.

“Then it’s working” Bruce said.

“They’ll get used to me being in charge” Redline said, “Besides, it’s only for a month.”

“And we’ll celebrate the whole of it” Bruce said.

The three of them exchanged kisses, before laying their phones down.