Coming out to your brother


My first Fueled by Insanity fic!

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“Colin?” Daren asked.

They were playing an RPG, their party being a cleric and a rogue and NPCs.

“Yes?” Colin asked, his focus quickly drifting from the game to his brother.

Daren sighed.

“I’m bi.”

“Oh my god, that’s so cool! I knew I wasn’t the only gay one n this family!”


“Whatever. Do we tell the others?”

“No, not for now.”

“Come on, they’ll accept you I swear on it. Plus, it’s pride month….”

Daren sighed, in his distraction allowing the dragon to attack his player character.

“Fine. But I’ll do it myself.”

“Eh, can’t wait!”

Daren shook his head, but a smile couldn’t help but to form on his lips. He wanted to hug his brother, but he decided to salvage the decimation his party had been under.