Chocolates and Beer Nuts

Carlos Albuquerque
1 min readFeb 14


Happy Valentine’s! Possibly also the last fic I write…


“For you, my love.”

They had just arrived at shool, TJ from his mother’s car and Sydney from the bus. Onlookers snickered, some even used some colorful slurs, but the otter didn’t care. He could be tough, but love made him confident.

“Aw, thank you Sydney!”

TJ took out a Valentine’s card as well, a paw running through his hair. It was a generic card, paling a bit in comparison to the vermillion, heart shaped paper.

“It’s not as good as yours…”

Sydney pecked him on the lips.

“It’s perfect, babe.”


At recess, both sat down in the stadium seats. They waved at Leo, who waved back before continuing to play. Normally they’d be with Carl and Jenna, but today they could be a bit more selfish.

They’d understand.

They leaned on each other, sensibly enjoying each other’s heartbeats.


Mrs Hess picked them both from school. They left for a while, walking beside each other as the sun went from gold to orange, then finally to a romantic pink.

They sat down by the lake, still eerie but theirs now.

Sydney put a candy chocolate in Tj’s mouth, and TJ put a beer nut on Sydney’s.

They stayed like that, just them and the waters and the fading light, even when the stars showed up in the sky.

“Happy Valentine’s, Sydney.”

“Equally, babe.”