Carltober: Friends Best Friends

B is for band, the one thing every teen wants to try but we never got the time and I owe to dysfunction

E is for energy, the anxiety in my mind calmed by marijuana clouds, oh now I can get by.

S is for sun, the daystar demon making me and the bros sweaty (how awkward)

T is for talent, which I don’t have but my mates tell me I do (how sweet!)

F is for fuck-up, but at least they pull me up when I’m down

R is for slurrs when we were edgy teens but Chase makes me guilty

I is for insomnia, good thing they beat the shit out of the ghosts

E is for Echo, this shitty all town with shitty ass demons

N is for negation, that I was knocked off by two many an accident, to many a life caught

D is for drowning, me and Syd drawn but the others are always there for us

S is for “sucks to be you”, my crew is the best.


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