Carltober: Carl x Jeremy

Carl woke up first.

Jeremy’s musk welcomed his nostrils. It started off arousing him at first, but it now was a symbol of comfort. Guess now he new how all his friends dating otters felt like.

How did it come to this? How did a bully, turned drug-dealer, became the best thing in his life?

The journey was like his brain trying to wake up: a slow series of steps, from a shared joint, to shared problems, to saving each other during a hysteria, to beating the crap out of Brian.

Pissing off Jenna certainly helped. All the little things they had in common

“You ‘wake, babe?” Jeremy yawned.

“No, go back to sleep” Carl whined, “You’re cute.”


He rolled his lover, Carl atop him.

“You are.”