Carlos Albuquerque
1 min readNov 14, 2022

In homage of the new Repeat build. First Owen/Phillip fic too I believe


Phillip hissed at the morning light.

His head felt feverish. Granted, it wasn’t an alien feeling what with his messy sleep schedule, but this time he felt he might have pushed his limits.

He tried getting up, but a pair of gentle hands stopped him.

“Wow there” Owen said, “You’re burning up. Better if you don’t stress yourself, okay?”

Phillip wanted to protest, but he did feel like the insides of his skull were iron-branded. So he sighed, and laid back in med.

“I’ll ask Sis if you can make you a soup or some” Owen said.

Phillip, however, instinctively pulled at Owen’s sleeve.


“Just… stay…”

He couldn’t explain it, but he didn’t feel like being left alone to his own devices. And Owen, well…

“Oh, can’t get enough of me?” Owen winked, but it felt pretty subdued compared to his usual flirting.

‘Guess he learned his lesson’, Phillip thought. And, in truth, he was kind of charming, under the nascent sunlight.

Soon, Phillip went back to sleep, and Owen stayed, peacefully stroking his hair.