And Mango Makes Three

“Sure you don’t want to play this one?” Sydney asked.

“Single player, my man” Carl said, relaxing on the couch, “Besides, watching you fail is pretty funny.”

Sydney gave him the middle finger, but eagerly started.

“Babe, it’s going to be a bit violent” the otter warned.

“Its okay love” TJ said, “I can handle as long as its not the drawn out parts.”

“Man, who are you and what did you do to my TJ?” Carl snickered, putting out his tongue playfully.

“What can I say, I feel loved and comfortable” TJ said, stretching, “I still have anxiety, but I feel like I’m getting better.”

“Yeah” Carl said, somberly.

“You are getting better too!” TJ said, putting a paw on the ram’s shoulder, “I haven’t seen you smoke as much, and Chase tells me you’re doing fine in college.”

“If you say so.”

“Fuck!” Sydney said as a valkyrie killed him.

“Oh, you’re in for a good time” Carl chuckled.

“I want to make a fruit salad-” TJ said

“Gay” Carl interjected.

TJ rolled his eyes.

“Flynn taught me how to make one with mango cream to die for. Care to taste test it?”

“TJ, don’t patronise me. Of course I want to.”


A few minutes later and Sydney was still struggling with the valkyrie.

“Goddamn it!”

“Language, babe” TJ said playfully as he entered the room, bowl with salad in hand.

Carl was laying on the ground, but quickly got up to make room for his friend. He let TJ sit next to him, shoulders touching, and handled him the bowl.

“Mm, Flynn was right, this is the shit” Carl said.

“Language” TJ said, putting his tongue out.

Carl playfully ruffled his hair.

The two of them kept watching Sydney fail miserably, TJ wincing at times.

“Hey, what you boyfriend said is true” Carl said quietly, “Some scenes are a bit dragged out. You sure you’re okay with this?”

“What have you done with my Carl?” TJ said, playfully sticking out his tongue.

Carl chuckled, guiltily.

“Look, I’m sorry if I teased you even as recently as the hysteria crap, but I care about you buddy, alright?”

“I know, and I’m fine.”

TJ hugged Carl, and he put side the bowl to hug TJ. Both then laid down fr a while, cuddling platonically.

“Oh, Chase would’ve loved this” Carl snickered as Sydney kept failing.

“I hope he gets better soon” TJ nodded, “I know I’ve said this many times, but we are a family. We should stick together.”

Carl wanted to retort, but said nothing. It was a beautiful sentiment, and though they all had their own lives, they always came back for each other. So he just enjoyed the moment, with his “brother”.

“Let me treat you something one of these days” Carl said, “A… a christian comic maybe?”

“Please, a new pair of skis would do nicely” TJ teased.

“Damn, and I thought you were the least materialistic of us” Carl said.

“Oh he is” Sydney chimed in, “but he really wants a new pair of skis. He really wants a get together in Wasatchua- Fuck!”

“Language, love” TJ said, reaching out to peck Sydney in the cheek.

“So, how’s marriage treating you?” Carl asked, “Had a honey moon yet?”

“Planning to” TJ said, “Skis would be nice for that.”

Carl groaned, and TJ poked hi gently on the shoulder.

“HA, FUCKIN’ GOT IT!” Sydney screamed ecstatically, “Die you fucing discount angel!”

“Sydney!” TJ said in mock disbelief, before turning away as the valkyrie’s wings were torn bloodily.

“Congrats dude, now you can join the “valkyrie PTSD GANG”” Carl said.

“Nah, I’d rather join my dork gang.”

And with that, Sydney jumped on the couch, wrestling Carl and kissing TJ. Th three of them laughed and played, before settling to a three way spoon, enjoying each other’s company.



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