A Snowy Valentine’s

Carlos Albuquerque
1 min readFeb 14, 2024

“Garret, look!” Stefan pointed.

Garret yawned, then got out the bed and joined his lover by the window.

“Godammnit, more snow?” the wolf whined, “I was hoping global warming would have made this a warm day. I’m tired of the cold.”

“Well, guess it’s more fun for us” Stefan said, licking Garret in the nose.


As the two stepped outside Stefan’s home, the opossum, run to the side. With a fast stride, he knelt down and rolled up a snowball, then threw it at Garret’s chest.

“Seriously!?” Garret whined, but a hint of a smile formed in his snout.

“Yeah, seriously” Stefan added, “Give me the best you got!”

Garret clicked his tongue, then rolled up a larger ball that Stefan dodged in time.

The two continued throwing snowballs at each other for an hour or so, some missing, but gradually the two were coated in white. Though it was cold, the physically activity made them sweat within their quotes, and Garret raised a paw as he panted. Stefan joined him, holding his arms, and both fell into the snow, laughing all the while.


“But seriously, I’m tired of the cold” Garret said.

“Aw c’mon, let’s enjoy cold winters while they still exist” Stefan said, “The meterologists say it’s going to start to melt in a few days.”

“Wow, Stefan listening to the news? What have you done with my possum, impostor?”

Stefan rolled his eyes.

“It’s just forecast, nothing I can’t verify for myself.”

Exhausted, the two cuddled together in the couch.