“Does this make me look fat?” Carl said, strutting into the room.

“Obviously” Flynn answerred bluntly.

He slapped his squamate tail on the couch, not out of happiness like a dog but simply to motion the ram to come over. Carl happily obliged, snuggling in against his boyfriend.

“What are you even dressed up as?” Flynn said, licking the ram’s cheek, “I can’t keep up with your super hero shit.”

“Dawn Hound.”

“The successor to Superwolf, I take it? Because you sure don’t look like a dog to me.”




“Gladly so” Flynn shrugged assholeishly.

And they kissed.



Having traded his gothic pajamas for a metal shirt did little o stop the other from teasing Syndey.

“‘Sydney, you look like an edgelord!’” he mocked, “‘Sydney, you look like a try hard!’”

“You look wonderful always “TJ sad, kissing him in the cheek.

Both were in the couch, Carl and Flynn watching Chase dance and werk

“Yeh, work that beauty.” Carl cheered.

“Just tell me if Leo’s around, okay” said a relaxed but mildly nervous Chase, “Don’t want him to throw a hissy fit.”

“He’s right over there” Flynn pointed o the door.

Chase nearly screamed and fell on the floor.


But there was something at the door. A white figure with no nose (basically socketman from the game). He had no nose. It was…

“Fuck off!” Flynn said, squirting water at the thing until it went away.