Farewell, sinking ship.

We were riding on the waves

And I thought you my other half.

As you say, “no,

That wasn’t an epic bond,

You had me in tears

Seeing was facing my fears

So how could you?

How could you?”

I put my head in the water,




Chase might have been the “otters love water” kind of guy, but Carl also connected the dots of sadness to the ever-giving liquid.

He thought of clouds, of azure depths, even though both things were rare in the desert. Lake Emma could be the reason, given how much misery it…



Carl woke up first.

Jeremy’s musk welcomed his nostrils. It started off arousing him at first, but it now was a symbol of comfort. Guess now he new how all his friends dating otters felt like.

How did it come to this? How did a bully, turned drug-dealer, became the…



Flynn sighed.

“What the hell is going on now?” he said, tired mroe than anything.

Carl was like Hela from Norse mythology, except on one side he was a skeleton with a blue eye and hoodie and on the other a wolf in a superhero costume.

“Isn’t it cool?” Carl…