“Oh my goodness, what happened?” TJ’s mom asked, half-concerned and half-amused.

As the two stood i the porch, its clear by the ruffled fur and scent that they had a tryst in the car, though at least they were presentable. …

People have done it for Pokemon types so why not?

Since there are twelve types I like to think that each color (plus colorless) has a type. You’re free to disagree, particularly since the types don’t always match the elements in MTG colors.


Seeing as it is the closest…

Modern AU.


3 years BC (before covid):

Sam scrolled down his phone.

His breathing was an aerial sandpaper on his throat, his eyes waterfalls, his heart a star going into supernova. He read the message over and over again, looping himself in panic:


I am William Addler, a…

Both Sydney ad TJ went to do some groceries. TJ’s parents had insisted but they compromised by baking the cake. The list wasn’t that extensive anyways: some chicken salads TJ found particularly pleasing. Humble as he was, even his birthday wasn’t that much of a fest day.

Still, they bought…

Second part


A few sessions of love-making later the two were hanging out in the couch.

“happy bday TJ!” Chase texted.

“hey so happy birthday tj” Kudzu texted.

“Feliz compleanos gatito!” Leo phoned directly, “Miss both of you babosos so much!”

“Love you bros!” …

Well, temtem was fully released so I gotta talk about it.

The Airborne Archipelago

Arguably more interesting than the mons themselves are the locations in temtem. Taking place in a sky world, there are six islands, each revolving around two temtem types and based on real-life cultures. …

Quetzalcoatlus reconstruction by Padian et al 2021. Apparently, the limbs are wonky

So, the long awaited through description of Quetzalcoatlus has finally been published. It has already been extensively discussed, but I feel lke I can squeeze a few facts.

The Good

The smaller Quetzalcoatlus species has finally been described, Q. lawsoni.

An extensive description of the stratigraphy and palaeoecology of the…

It’s TJ’s birthday, and his bf loves him!

  • **
  • TJ woke up to the world’s most pleasant smell and sight. Enveloped in Sydney’s musk, he saw his boyfriend snoring peacefully. He was so cute that TJ couldn’t help but smile broadly and kiss him gently on the nose. …

55 million years ago, Wyoming.

A small mammal scurries along the tree branches. It is dusk, and it has just left its shelter in the deeper canopy to forage for food. It is an omnivore: it can do a little bit of everything, which is likely how it got to…

Carlos Albuquerque

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