Another Echo fanfic, this time based on the most underrated character.

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Janice stretched her arms and yawned.

She was not getting younger for sure, but today she felt particularly like a fossil, entombed in her house, preserved as the rest of Echo decays. Not a pleasant feeling when you know that being a relic from a lost age is all you have, when you could have lived and travelled so far and wide.

She took one of her old novellas from her nightstand, staring at it with a sad bitterness.

It was the one she brought with her when…

  • A new study demonstrates that Australian ABorigines used boomerangs to retouch stone tools. Once again proving the technological progress of Australia’s First Nations as well as demonstrating how boomerangs were multitask:
  • A new mesungulatid that demonstrates both unique dental features in this group in comparison to other dryolestoids as well as insights on their biogeography across Gondwannan landmasses in the Late Cretaceous:
  • Pterosaurs with opposable thumbs. Pterosaurs. With. Opposable. THUMBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An Echo AU fic where Sydney lives:


The bell rang.

The cafeteria was already a cacophony, but TJ was quickly able to find Sydney by the sound of his voice. As well as his musk, just barely disguised by the deodorant. Next to him was Flynn, and they were already carrying trails and sitting on an otherwise unoccupied table.

“Hey Syd!” TJ waved, “Hey Flynn!”

Sydney got up and hugged the love of his life, giving him the softest of kisses on his lips.

“We saved us a spot!” Sydney grinned, “Just you, me and Flynn.”

“What about the…

After my initial artcle, I’ve decided to expand on what decks they might use (and in universe magic they might use).

Chase: Blue/Black milling and discarding standard, give his crisis of identity. Maybe some water and darkness spells.

Leo: Red/White equipment and vehicles, no doubt about it. Dude loves guns and cars.

Flynn: Black/Red/Green, probably some form of lands matter, given his outdoorsy nature. Maybe with some graveyard sheningans because he’s not over Sydney.

Jenna: Mono-Blue, possibly just counterspells and milling to annoy people.

TJ: Green/White land fall, probably with clerics and angels added in.

Carl: Mono-Green artifacts with plants…

Sydney writes a poem for TJ.

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“Do you promise not to laugh?” Sydney asked, half in jest and half in legit worry.

TJ simply kissed him in the cheek, then looked at him with his beautiful blue eyes. A wordless sign for him to go on.

Sydney looked around. No sign of his brothers, nor of his mother. Normally he wouldn’t care about them, but he felt pretty defensive and didn’t want to have any witnesses.

“Syd, it’s alright” TJ said, “I can hear better than you, if they’re coming I’ll tell you, alright?”

Another kiss, on the lips…

Echo AU where Sydney survives. The lead up to said AU’s equivalent of the game’s event.

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First, it was his family.

Eliza Bronson HAD enough of Echo, and most of her sons went with her. Sydney stayed behind, his friends and especially his boyfriend not worth abandoning.

Then, Jenna and Chase departed. Carl did, but he returned.

Then, his aunt left. In her place came a red panda, Injy, who was if was anything better company. But still, Sydney could help but sigh.

Finally, and worst of all, was TJ.

They had talked about this plenty, and Sydney accepted…

Carlos Albuquerque

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