“Surprise, bitch!” everyone shouts as Murdoch walked into the room.

The poor fox still has tear crusts in his fur after waiting all day for his father, mother and Holly to wish him a happy birthday, but it seems all he gave up for them was never enough. His mother did talk to him… to criticise him once more. It was the last straw, and as the sun dipped in the horizon he had a mental breakdown, hiccuping wildly up to the moment Nik and Sam had greeted him at their home.

“Are you okay?” Sam had asked, hugging him…


It was a spring afternoon, though in TJ’s room it felt more like winter, much as Sydney loved. He saw snow exactly once in his life and fell in love, and hoped to one day move to the north with the love of his life.

They were both laying in bed, relaxing their paws after so much running in PE and across the Payton school’s corridors. At the insistence of TJ’s parents and certainly with no protest from TJ, they both began to work on their homework. Sydney, naturally, had usually low grades on most disciplines, but he rather…

A review of all Mesozoic synapsids of South America, as well as surviving Cenozoic lineages of those groups. Apparently done in quarentine.

I strongly recommend this book. It’s not wholly accessible to those not in palaeotological lingo, but it has some cute wit sometimes.


  • Brasilestes might not be a mammal, but a notosuchian tooth. So far all supposed therians from the Cretaceous of South America seem to be meridiolestidans, so hurray for dryolestloids.
  • It interprets volaticotheres as gliding piscivores. Seems honestly easier to admit they were flyers, but cool nonetheless.
  • While Groeberia is indeed a metatherian, the jury is…

The angel sighed.

Liquid silver flowed through the Moon Sphere, a glistening ocean where solid and fluid were as inconstant as the celestial body. What was one minute white waves became metallic ice sculptures the next, guided by the careful hands of the artists and scientists who were prudent in life. Perfection was the child of order and chaos, meticulous planning and work to be recrafted under the spirit luminaries, so bliss wasn’t stagnant. And for thousands of years the angel had their purpose in this work, building masterpieces and encouraging the deceased in their projects.

But if the moon…

In the Late Cretaceous a lineage of deltatheroidean metatherians developed specialised, tightly packed hairs with branching filaments, superficially similar to plumes. This permitted an unique development in vertebrate history: by extending these hairs and creating friction, they developed the ability to hover on electromagnetic fields, much as with spiders and their silk.

Some species developed particularly large and fluffy tails, allowing them to be suspended in the air. This allowed them to glide away to cover more territory, but permitted relatively little control over their flight. …

Modified from maps from Ron Blakey, NAU Geology. Last time I checked under free use but with the crediting clause.

A revisiting of an old article, improved a bit.

If you think Maastrichtian dinosaur faunas were isolated from one another, you should see their contemporary mammals, which clearly form faunal units across the continents:

  • In Laramidia most mammals were either multituberculates or metatherians, with a few eutherians and relictual symmetrodonts and eutriconodonts thrown in. A similar situation seems to have been going on in Appalachia, considered the craddle of ptilodontoidean diversity, with an alphadontid, herpetotheriid and stagodontid also present as well as a few Protungulatum-like eutherians.
  • In Asia, by contrast, djadochtatherioidean multituberculates and eutherians ruled, with only deltatheroideans and a…

Graph displaying how Mesozoic therians were constricted compared to contemporary groups.


An interesting new study concluding that the extinction of Mesozoic synapsid groups stimulated therian mammal evolution. I covered some of the basic arguments here before, but it’s nice to see that this has finally been compiled into a paper. Strongly recommend.

Liaoconodon pic I commissioned from Dylan Bajda. Probably like a mink; I don’t keep minks so I wouldn’t know.

Many people make articles on whereas you can keep dinosaurs as pets so eh.

Morganucodonts and other basalmost taxa

Another Echo fanfic, this time based on the most underrated character.

  • **

Janice stretched her arms and yawned.

She was not getting younger for sure, but today she felt particularly like a fossil, entombed in her house, preserved as the rest of Echo decays. Not a pleasant feeling when you know that being a relic from a lost age is all you have, when you could have lived and travelled so far and wide.

She took one of her old novellas from her nightstand, staring at it with a sad bitterness.

It was the one she brought with her when…

Carlos Albuquerque

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