As previously mentioned I rebooted my old spec project Lemuria and is in constant updates. Here’s one of the pages I’m most proud of:

When designing “realistic” dragons many people seem to default to chemical explosions in the mouth to produce streams of flame. While there is a precedent among animals, the bombardier beetle, vertebrates have more complex tissues, and a common issue that’s rarely addressed is how these animals don’t burn their mouths.

Basically the cast of Echo can use the colours of mana. Mostly to show why my conclusions on their alignments make sense. Take it as you will.


Chase found himself.

All the insecurity, all the self-hatred, of not being good enough, of not being as unique as his friends.

Old commission by Dylan Bajda, showing the mammals of Lemuria.

An old project of mine (, I have since decided to resurrect it and remake some of the old concepts:

Keep in mind that currently this is a WIP. More updates will come.

Three birds by Jaime Headden (qilong on wordpress): Pelagornis, Hesperornis and a merganser. The first and last are usually thought to be more closely related to each other than to the middle one, but what if it was the two extinct taxa instead?

“An in-depth analysis of the affinities of pelagornithids is beyond the scope of this study,but we consider it likely that some of the putatively galloanserine features of these birds are plesiomorphic for neornithine birds. This is especially true for the morphology of the articular end of the mandible, which is…

In one timeline crown birds didn’t make it past the KT event, but ichthyornithids did. Like our birds they quickly radiated into a massive array of species; most of the initial niches were raptorial and insectivorous, but gradually aquatic plant eaters and arboreal frugivores kickstarted an herbivorous revolution, and these…

To honor the new Minotaur Hotel build. Contains spoilers for both the ruthless and normal routes.


He sleeps soundly, arms wrapped around you.

You already don’t really feel the urge to sleep, as his peace and happiness warms your chest.

But you have something important to do, and so…

The double-edged axe or labris, likely the least controversial thing written here.

To honor the latest release of Minotaur Hotel I decided to do an article on what is known of the Minoan deities.

Known as the “first European city-makers” and a distant precursor to Greece, what is called the Minoan Civilization after King Minos of Crete was a mysterious Bronze Age…

Carlos Albuquerque

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