Pangolin trying to be Godzilla. By Christian Box.

The concept of theropod-like mammals is a fairly controversial one in speculative evolution discourse and one I weighted in very negatively in the past. Some years of retrospect and nature humbling me and I’ve arrived at a more neutral position: they are possible, but only under specific circumstances.

Why few…

Of course I’m scared,

Of course I’m bleak.

Every breath takes something,

Something that once made me unique.

With each new dawn,

A fire.

With each new dusk,

A drowning.

Anger is in the sun,

Despair is in my cold tears.

And so is balance,

Now the ugliest of words,

So essentially I decided to use the MH decks I formed to think of Innistradi werewolves across the color pie. Think of this s a speculative exercise based on what amounts to toys.

“Normal” Werewolves (Red/Green)

The ones seen onscreen. Primal urges, Tovolar, dire strain, yadda yadda.

“Individual Focused” (Black/Red)

William Beebe’s notorious hypothetical Tetrapteryx. One of the most famously vindicated hypotheses of all time.

After discussing pterosaur hindwings I feel its only fair to talk about the hindwings that we know actually existed. First conceptualised by William Beebe in 1915 based on bird embryo membrane vestiges, domestic breeds with hindwings and long leg feathers on Archaeopteryx specimens, this hypothesis would only further be vindicated…

Carlos Albuquerque

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